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10 Self Love Journal Prompts

Scientific evidence supports that journaling can reduce anxiety and depression, help cultivate gratitude and improve memory function! So here are some prompts to help if you're having trouble starting! Have a journal already? Great! No? That's okay, just use a piece of computer paper or even the back of a reciept! No overthinking!

  1. List 10 things you love about yourself

  2. What are 5 things you are really good at?

  3. How would your best friends describe you?

  4. When do you feel happiest?

  5. What makes you feel peaceful?

  6. What is your biggest accomplishment?

  7. What quality do you most admire about yourself?

  8. When do you feel most confident?

  9. What is something you forgive yourself for?

  10. What parts of your life are you happy with?

Happy writing!

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