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10 Small Ways To Make Your Life Better

  1. Get involved in your community. Volunteer somewhere and/or look up local events and festivals happening around town, attend a grand opening of a new restaurant, boutique or coffee shop.

  2. Send a text every day to a friend or family member simply telling them how much you love and appreciate them or asking how they are.

  3. Spend more time outside. Go for a hike, check out a local park, enjoy a meal outside or take a walk with your partner, kids or dog.

  4. Commit to one "no spend" day every week.

  5. Pick one room in your house and make it a NO PHONE zone. I recommend the bathroom- instead of scrolling while your on the potty or waiting for the shower to warm up, try stretching or deep breathing.

  6. Clear your nightstand of trash, cups or other clutter. Keep only things that make you feel calm and happy. What lives on my nightstand: A lamp, the book I'm reading & my journal, hand lotion & lip balm and a small vase of fresh flowers.

  7. Once a month, choose at least 3-5 items to donate or throw away if they aren't salvageable or reusable.

  8. Declutter your phone and get rid of apps you don't use.

  9. Commit to a regular skin care routine and once a week, add in a face, foot or hand mask for extra TLC.

  10. Set a monthly "self care" budget and use it for things like cozy socks, candles, a blanket, a new sweater, a book or journal, a massage or facial or pedicure.

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