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20 Ways to Practice Self-Care

1. Take a nice, hot shower.

2. Go outside and go for a walk.

3. Go get a good workout.

4. Curl up in bed and take a mid-day nap.

5. Read a book.

6. Ask for help when you need help.

7. Journal our current thoughts and feelings.

8. Take a 24 hour break from social media.

9. Light your favorite candle, and enjoy the smell.

10. Put on fresh, clean, comfy clothes.

11. Take a 10 minute break and focus on your breathing.

12. Eat or drink a healthy, energizing snack.

13. Spend time with a good friend, or a loved one.

14. Read some inspiring quotes.

15.Shave your legs, use a coffee scrub and a face mask.

16. Cook a meal from scratch and enjoy it.

17. Enjoy an early night in, solo.

18. Clean out your purse.

19. Make a list of your best qualities.

20.Create a budget.

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