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2022 Starts NOW

2022 is right around the corner! WHAT! Time is flying by. I love the feeling of a new year, don't you?

So often, we start planning all of the things we're going to do or going to start on January 1st...but I've found that, just like anything else, prep is key! Starting the year off a bit more organized and less cluttered both physically and mentally will 100% help you start and stick to those fabulous goals you have planned.

Here are a few things to start tackling NOW so you can start the year off strong! I've also included some links to some items I highly recommend to help you out!

  1. Clean out your refrigerator and freezer. TAKE EVERYTHING OUT. Wipe down the insides with warm soapy water (including the drawers and shelves) Check expiration dates and toss anything expired or that you never use. Toss out or use up any leftovers or nearly empty items.

  2. Do the same for your pantry items. Toss anything old, stale, expired or never used.

  3. Grab these dishwasher, garbage disposal and washing machine cleaning pods and give them all a refresh!

  4. Get a planner and calendar NOW and start filling in important dates. Keep it on the counter in your kitchen next to your coffee pot so you remember to check it and note important to-dos, dates and times daily!

  5. If getting in better shape is one of your resolutions, invest in a new pair of tennis shoes and water bottle. You'll be more motivated to get going in comfort and style! Here are some must have fitness items I recommend: &

  6. Clean out your purse... throw away trash, old receipts, gum wrappers etc. Minimize what's in your bag and only carry around a few essentials. Here's what I keep in my bag: Hand sanitizer, wallet, keys, lip gloss, chapstick, a few tampons, business cards, mini planner/calendar & pen.

  7. Clean out your car and fill it up with gas. JUST DO IT.


Cleaning Products: Refrigerator Organizers and Storage Bags:

Refrigerator/Freezer Deodorizer:

Pantry Organizers and Containers:

Vehicle organizer and accessories:

I don't want to overwhelm anyone SO start with these tips and to keep yourself accountable, snap a pic while you're tackling a task or when it's done and tag me on IG or FB! You will feel so much better having even just a few of these tasks knocked out before we head into the new year, I PROMISE!

XOXO, Marni

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