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5 Benefits of a Good Night's Sleep

Don't ever underestimate the power of a good night's sleep!

  • Aids in maintaining a healthy weight. When you have less energy because of lack of sleep, you're more likely to crave and indulge on snacks, carbs and sugary foods.

  • Sleep = a better mood. When you're well rested, you're less likely to be stressed and easily agitated.

  • Improves your memory. Sleeping improves your brain function and cognitive health. While we sleep, our brains are able to organize and compartmentalize the activities and thoughts from our day. Making information easier to recall at a later time.

  • Decreased stress and anxiety. When you're tired, your body is working even harder to function properly, which in turn increases stress hormones. When we become stressed, anxiety and depression are more likely to set in and lead to burn outs.

  • Improves your immune system. By giving your body the rest it needs, you are also giving it time to recover. When our bodies are well rested, they are able to fight against disease and infection more effectively.

Now, put your phone down. Wash your face. And cozy up. Sweet dreams!

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