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5 Random Facts About Fall

I found this list on and found some of these really interesting!

Only America Calls it Fall

The season was originally just called harvest and autumn came around much later in the 1300s, according to CNN. When English poets started using the phrase “the fall of leaves” it became very fashionable to call the season fall. But by the mid-1800s, after the split of the colonies from England led to language change, England reverted back to Autumn and the American upstarts retained fall.

More People Fall in Love in Fall

Does cold weather make you want to cuddle with someone? You are far from alone. According to Redbook, the cooler weather in fall makes people want to get closer to others and not be alone for the winter. So get ready to snuggle in the fall.

Bobbing for Apples was a Courting Ritual

This old-fashioned Halloween party game originally started as a British courting ritual according to Redbook. Men were assigned an apple and the women would bob for them trying to get the right apple from the man she has her eye on. If she was successful, it was taken as an omen that they were meant to be together.

There are More Than 7,500 apple Varieties

There is an amazing amount of apple varieties that are grown around the globe. According to The Best of Life there are 2,500 types grown in the US and 7,500 types in total. Since apples are so good for you, you can choose the one you like and make sure to eat one a day to keep the doctor away.

You Can See the Brightest Full Moon in Fall

The full moon in the fall that occurs during the equinox is much brighter (almost orange) and rises much earlier than a typical full moon. This full moon, called the Harvest Moon) occurs sometime in September or October and it was very helpful for farmers who used the moonlight to help harvest their crops according to The Best of Life.

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