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If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen my story about my run in with anxiety this week. I have always had anxiety but over the last year it has settled down a ton. For some reason on Wednesday evening though, it hit me like a ton of bricks. Totally unexpected. I was all dressed up and on my way to a networking event. All of a sudden I was overcome with anxiety and after attempting to breathe through it, I pulled over in my car and decided to turn around and head back home. Instead of crawling into bed with all my clothes and makeup on though, I tried to intentionally put into motion some of the things I KNEW would help me calm down. If you suffer from anxiety too, then you know how hard it is to put into practice the things you KNOW to do when it comes down to the moment you actually need to do them. First, I went to my favorite restaurant. I chose to sit at the chef's bar so that I would get quick service without having to chat too much. I ordered salmon and asparagus and a water. I knew this meal would make me feel strong and nourished. I chose not to indulge in alcohol because it would only worsen how I was already feeling. I chewed slowly and intentionally.

After dinner, I headed home and asked Cole to just hold me and hug me. Asking for comfort is hard sometimes, but it is helpful to you AND your loved ones. Our loved ones WANT to comfort us and often don't know how when we are experiencing anxiety. For me, it's just a big hug where I feel safe and loved without having to answer a million questions. I took off my makeup and brushed out my hair because I knew I would feel refreshed in the moment and be much happier in the morning knowing I had taken care of myself before bed.

Then, we snuggled up and watched mindless tv before I dozed off.

This is the first time I have truly been intentional with managing my anxiety without letting it overcome me. It was a balance. I chose to miss out on a networking event with a chance to meet lots of new ladies. But I did other things to serve myself in the place of that event. It really helped me open up my eyes to the fact that anxiety doesn't have to be an all or nothing affair. Sometimes it's give and take. Take care of yourself sister. Listen to your body and your mind. Honor your body and mind. You are worth it. xoxo.

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