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Caramel Apple Cocktail/Mocktail Recipe

Apple cider is delicious on its on, but add a few things to spice it up and you've got yourself a delicious caramel apple cocktail or cocktail!

You'll need:

Apple Cider (any brand from the grocery will work)

Caramel ice cream sauce topping

Brown Sugar

Ground Cinnamon

Spiced rum or bourbon for cocktail style

Sparking Water for cocktail style

Optional: apple slices, cinnamon sticks and rosemary twigs to garnish

Swirl the carmale sauce around the inside of the glass and/or rim of the glass

Dip the caramel rim into the brown sugar so entire rim is coated

Mocktail: Use 1/2 parts cider and sparkling water and garnish

Cocktail: Use 3/4 parts cider and 1/4 alochol of choice and garnish

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