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Create a Bedtime Self Care Routine...

The way we choose to end out days have so much power. Our actions and habits contribute to sleep patterns and can often play a huge role in how our morning the next day begins.

Anything you do to help calm and care for yourself before bed is important. Anything you do in the evening to help better prepare yourself for the next day is important.

I work all day on my phone and computer, so my night time routine includes things like reading and reflecting so that I can gives my eyes and my brain rest before dozing off instead of continuing to stare at a screen. When my skin is cared for, I feel much better and my confidence increases because I look at myself with more pride in the mirror the next morning when I waltz in for that messy haired morning pee. Look at me! I AM GLOWING this morning! I am so glad I took a little extra time to care for my skin last night.

Maybe your routine will include things like, prep the coffee pot the night before or lay out my gym/work clothes. All of these little habits MATTER and with practice, you'll be sleeping more soundly and rising a little easier knowing it won't be a total shit show today trying to wrestle everyone and everything together before heading out the door.

Tonight, after dinner when the kids are in bed and you're binge watching Ozark and eating Girl Scout cookies, cause it's that time of year again, fucking Girl Scouts, make a little list of habits you'd like to put into motion tonight and in the morning! xoxo

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