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Daily Affirmations for Women

1. I am blessed with happiness, peace of mind, good vibrant health, wealth and prosperity, and success in all areas of my life now and forever.

2. There are no limits to what I can achieve.

3. I am a success magnet.

4. Today, I am optimistic. I remember that my thoughts create my reality. I think positively and surround myself with positive energy.

5. I move forward with courage one moment at a time and congratulate myself for the small achievements,

6. My soul

is beautiful.

7. Bad things dont last forever.

8. I have the freedom and the power to create the life I desire.

9. I love my mind, body, and soul.

10. I am stronger than negative thoughts.

11. I am worthy of love and respect.

12. I inspire thouse around me.

13. I let go of grudges.

14. The past is irrevleant.

15. I am doing my best.

16. I am always safe and divinely protected and guided.

17. I am grateful for the money and the possessions I already have.

18. I am getting stronger everyday.

19. I am happy and content with my life.

20. I am filled with gratitude.

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