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DIY Bedsheet Ghosts

I've been seeing this all over instagram and just had to recreate them. They turned out SO CUTE!! You can buy everything separately at different stores, but to make it easy, I've also included an amazon link where you can buy everything at once!

Here's what you need: Cone tomato cages

Rubber bands or hair ties will work

Styrofoam Balls

White bed sheets

Black Construction Paper

Hot Glue Gun

String Lights

HOW TO: Use the rubber bands or hair ties to bind the top of the cage together. Stick the styrofoam ball on top of the pointed end of the tomato cage. Weave lights throughout the cage and throw the bed sheet over the top of the cage. Cut out black eyes from the construction paper and hot glue them onto the sheets! That's it!

Happy Crafting!

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