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Embrace your season of sucking.

One of the questions I’m asked most commonly is, “How did you get started in your business?” The answer is easy. I just started. I started like anyone else does. A few posts here and there, some Pinterest searches for inspiring quotes ... yadayadayada... etc. But after 2 years of working my own business and growing a large social media platform naturally, I believe my answer to this commonly asked question doesn’t have anything to do with how I started, but how I didn’t stop.

Getting comfortable with your discomfort is the first step to success. When you can face your fears and anything else that makes you feel out of the box, out of your element, or flat out uncomfortable, you are one HUGE step closer to succeeding. The truth is, you’re going to suck. If you’re really trying, you’re going to suck for awhile. Don’t just deal with it, sister. Embrace it. Because once you get the sucky days out of the way, that means you’re once step closer to better days. No one is just really good at something naturally. Maybe you have an edge or a “knack” for something specific, but there is not a single professional in any area; including business, sports, or entertainment, who was just born REALLY good at something. It takes time. It takes practice. It takes tears. It takes late nights and early mornings. IT TAKES FAILURE. The only thing that separates the successful few from everyone else is that they decided to face the failure head on and EMBRACE IT, knowing that it helped get them one step closer to becoming a professional. 

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