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Get Out of the Funk! 25 Simple Ways to Practice Self-Care and Drop the Bad Vibes

1. Plan a weekend getaway.

2. Take a power nap.

3. Buy your favorite candle and light it.

4. Do a face mask.

5. Get a manicure and pedicure.

6. Get out in the sun.

7. Invite your best friend over.

8. Take your mom or grandmother to lunch.

9. Make a vision board.

10. Have a girl's night in.

11. Try a new recipe.

12. Change the sheets on your bed.

13. Stretch or take a yoga class.

14. Take a long, hot bath.

15. Declutter your space. Start with your closet.

16. Buy yourself flowers.

17. Invest in a good bra.

18. Read a book.

19. Binge watch Gilmore Girls.

20. Treat yourself to a massage.

21. Have a hot cup of tea.

22. Call someone you love.

23. Find some live music in town.

24. Explore your city.

25. Try a new coffee shop.

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