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Homemade Pizza Night

No matter your age, this dinner idea is a blast and super affordable!

Here are the things you'll need...

Olive oil

Pizza crust (frozen is fine) or you can buy fresh from most places. I get my supplies at Trader Joe's. There is also pizza dough available so you can roll out your own if you want to go all out!

Pizza Sauce (again, I use Trader Joe's)

Here are some fun toppings I like to have on hand...

Mozzarella Cheese (obvs)


Banana Peppers

Black olives

Goat Cheese

Sum Dried Tomatoes


Grilled Chicken Strips (you can buy these already cooked and prepared)


Red Onion

Place all ingredients out and follow cooking instructions on your pizza crust! Boom! Easy, fun and delicious!

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