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How to Become a Morning Person

Updated: Jan 22, 2018

For me, there is nothing sweeter than rolling out of bed before the rest of the world. There is something satisfying and thrilling about being awake before most of the city.  I slide into my slippers, beeline for the coffee pot and eagerly wait for the familiar hummmmm bzzzzzz sound it makes as it wakes up with me. I settle into the couch with my white, fluffy throw and get cozy. Then I take it all in. The stillness of my dark apartment. The way the hot coffee mug warms my hands and the smell of hazelnut rising from my cup. I am slowing down. I am taking time. I am investing in my overall well-being.

It took years of disciplining myself to wake up early and learn this practice. But I have come up with a few simple tricks to help you master waking up before the sun...

1. Give youself something to look forward to. For me, its that first cup of coffee (extra cream, please!) For you, this might look different. Maybe its a book you’ve been reading, or wanting to read but haven’t had time. Maybe its a new yoga practice, a gratitude list, or journaling. Whatever this looks like for you, make sure you have it ready to go as soon as your alarm goes off.

2. Create your space. I meet with myself in the same spot every single morning. My space is my living room, bundled up on my couch. I have a Capri Blue candle burning and my side table lamp on. My fuzzy white throw blanket, coffee, and my Day Designer with a few colorful ballpoint pens. If it's the weekend and I don't have anywhere to be, I’ll throw a log in the fireplace and enjoy the smells and sounds of a crackling fire. (I have added a pic below to show you my space!)

3. Be committed. You’ll have to commit to this practice 7 days a week. Monday-Friday, I am up at 5:30 am. This gives me 2.5 beautiful hours to welcome my day before I have to head to work. On the weekends, I am up between 8am and 8:30 to practice my same routine. If your ideal weekend is staying up until 1:00am and sleeping in until noon, it will be much harder to get back on track when Monday rolls back around.

4. Break a little sweat. Or a big sweat. Either way, just sweat. During spring and summer, I love getting outside or in the gym early in the morning. Busting out a quick 30 minute workout in the am is the best thing you can do to reset your internal body clock. During the colder months, I opt for an in home, quick sweat sesh using apps like Sworkit, and 30 Day Fitness. Dance parties count too, so crank up your favorite morning playlist (if you dont have one yet, make one) and get jiggy with it!

5. You already know this- now practice it. Put the phone AWAY 45 minutes before settling into bed. A 2017 study suggests that surfing the socials 30 minutes before passing out leads to worse sleep than if you quit liking pics hours before you’re in bed.

Be consistent and committed to your early morning practice. You will most likely find yourself happier, calmer and more content all day :)



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Great ideas, I will definitely try putting my phone away before bed.


This is great! What time do you go to sleepy?

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