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How to budget without sacrifice!

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Here are the ways I have adjusted my spending to be able to pay off more debt and put more $$$ into my savings!

  1. I stopped getting waxed. Yep. I went back to good old fashion plucking the brows and shaving the lady parts. Is it more upkeep? Yes. But I am now saving $65 a month by skipping those Brazilians and brow waxes.

  2. I stopped going to the nail salon. I am one of those chicks that LOVES having her nails and toes done. I just feel more put together. So, I started doing them from home when the salons were closed and never looked back. If you follow my social media accounts, you know I am a huge fan of the Red Aspen nail brand. They are incredibly affordable and last about 2 weeks. PLUS... you can easily soak them off with very little damage to the nail and reuse them! There are even pedicure options available! This has saved me around $140 a month, as I was having my nails and toes done twice a month. The nails come in several designs and sizes and each set includes several sizes, a nail buffer and file, glue and a cuticle stick! Check them out here:

  3. Switch to organic milk. Organic milk is generally a $1-$2 more than regular store brands BUT it has a MUCH longer shelf life. We are not huge milk drinkers in our house so I found I was throwing milk away far too often. Now we end up finishing the gallon before the expiration but don't feel rushed to use it.

  4. I cancelled my gym membership. Most gyms are still closed but are still charging members their monthly fee. I didn't have a problem with that because I know they still have to pay their bills, BUT, I have found I much more enjoy working out outside or at my apartments gym. Another $35 a month into the savings!

  5. I switched to buying most all of my home products to an online, non toxic brand. At first, when I heard about wellness shop club, I really thought it would be more expensive because of the non toxic brands. But I found that almost everything was cheaper than in store brands AND my orders are delivered right to my door! So I save gas money and time. I don't have to wear a mask or risk getting sick AND I spend way less because not only are the products cheaper but I am not aimlessly walking around the store adding everything I see into my cart instead of getting what I need. I also have the option to buy items in bulk so I can stock up! For instance, I buy the 3 pack of non toxic whitening toothpaste for just $10! This is where I buy my detergent, dish soap, body wash, protein powder, protein bars, carb blocking shapes, soy candles, house cleaning products and more. They even have non toxic makeup, skincare, men's products, kids products and pet products too! Each month, you place an order for 35 points or more (each product has a point value) and then you earn CASH BACK on your purchases the next month! The first 3 months... you can earn up to 50% back!!! You can also pause or cancel at anytime! More money in the bank! Message me"shop club info" along with your email on Instagram or facebook for the invite!

  6. When I do go to the grocery for things like meat, bread and milk.... I buy organic milk (as mentioned above) I also choose to shop primarily at Aldi because its SO much cheaper. Before my grocery trip, we plan our meals in advance. This helps me stay focused (most of the time, hehe) I always buy ground turkey or ground beef in BIG packages because we can use it for tacos one night, spaghetti the next and stir fry the next! Cook smarter, not harder! All inexpensive meals that don't have to be totally unhealthy. Frozen veggies are also a win! You can use them for so many different things and they'll stay fresh until you need them! Same thing with bread, keep it frozen and it will last longer!

  7. On date nights or lunch with friends, look for spots that are offering deals! For instance, there is a sports bar nearby to me that does taco Tuesday, bogo free meals! So when we eat out we usually look for somewhere that has deals. When your bestie gets free tacos, you get more margaritas...see? :)

I would love to hear some of your budgeting tips! Submit them to me on the main page of my site!

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