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Little Ways to Save Big

There are always ways to cut back so you can add a few more bucks to your piggy bank! Here are a few that have worked for me!

  • Skip Starbucks. I love a good drive through coffee as much as anyone else. But about 2 years ago, I decided to add up the amount of money I was spending at Starbucks. I printed out my bank statement and highlighted every transaction. You guys, it was over $300 FREAKIN DOLLARS. Not to mention, I was sitting at my heaviest weight ever. These days, I grab a Starbucks maybe 2-3 times a month and it's more of a treat when I do! If you are going to Starbucks even just a few times a week, it adds up. Not only will you cut back on money spent but you'll cut back on sugar and calories too! Every time you skip the overpriced coffee, take that money you would have spent and immediately transfer it to your savings account or put it in a jar at home if you use cash.

  • Cut cable if you have it. This is the first time I have had cable in YEARS and it's only because my man watches ESPN and a few other channels. I still cringe when our cable auto draft comes out! Average cable bills are around $75 (when bundled with internet which is most common) So by dropping your cable even for just one year is an easy $900 right in your savings!

  • Stop buying books in stores and online and get a library card! Going to the library is such a fun experience, especially if you have little ones to bring along! And library cards often save you a little money here and there at other local places.

  • Cut back on eating out. I know, I know. This is a tough one if you're someone that likes to eat out often. But the average check for us at a restaurant is around $100. We usually end up ordering drinks and we both have expensive taste when it comes to food. If eating out isn't something you're willing to cut back on, try ordering it in instead. You're less likely to order extra things like appetizers and desserts or extra sides, and those pricey drinks won't be an option!

  • Start ordering your groceries online. Make a list of what you need and use a shopping service like Shipt or Instacart to order your groceries quickly online. It will cut back on impulse buying AND it will save you loads of time because the groceries will be delivered right to your door!

  • Go through your bank statements and look for any monthly auto drafts that you can cancel. Including gym memberships you don't use enough and/or tv services you rarely use.

  • Call your cell phone service and ask if there are ways you can cut back on your bill. I recently learned that by simply switching my bill to auto draft, it saves me $10 a month!

  • Be mindful with your power usage. Turn off the lights and open the windows during the day for lighting and keep an eye on your thermostat.

All of these tips will only work if you are serious about implementing them. Make a serious effort to check in at minimum, once a week. By check in I mean reviewing your bank statements and credit card statements often. And while cutting back is great, the best way to actually SAVE the money is to take those amounts you were speeding, even half the amounts and put that money directly into your savings!

You will feel so relieved when you start seeing that number add up and sooner than later, these little things you're cutting back on won't even phase you anymore!

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