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It's a new month and I am in full on planning and vision mode! Here's what I'm focusing on for the new month...


* Take 20 fitness classes this month and shoot for a minimum of 70 minutes of intentional exercise daily (High intensity, walking, hiking, running, cycling, barre, etc.)

* Read 3 books. Here's my book lineup for May:

Savage Appetites: True Stories of Women, Crime and Obsession by Rachel Monroe

The Nanny by Gilly Macmillian

The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides

* Drink my Yu Collagen daily: I have seen insane changes in my hair, skin, nails and joints from the last month and a half and want to keep the results coming!

You can use my code Marni to save and get your collagen here:

Focus Points:

* Take more time to sit quietly without my phone and meditate/reflect

* Snack smart. Listen to my body. Hydrate. Limit alcohol intake.

* Spend less on shopping/eating out, focus on adding to my savings.

* Listen more and talk less. Make it a point to check in on friends and loved ones

regularly and ask how they are and what they need.

Here are some templates you can use for May!

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