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More Self Love, Babygirl.

Here are a few ways I am incorporating more self love into my day routine!

Staying off my phone for at least 30 minutes when I wake up in the morning. Social Media can be great for so many reasons; but it can also be filled with lots of negativity. For the last few days, I have been intentional about spending my first 30 minutes of the day reading my current book and enjoying my coffee. I have found that as I get more and more into whatever I am reading, that 30 minutes easily turns into 45 min or an hour. I want to be consistent with this routine going forward as it helps me start my day peacefully and gets my brain working in a positive way.

Drinking herbal tea before bed. Filling my belly with something warm after dinner helps me to relax and ease into sleep. Make sure you grab something non caffeinated! I like yogi teas, personally.

Going all out with my skin care routine morning and night. It doesn't necessarily mean adding more and more products to your routine, but taking time to apply each one gently and intentionally instead of slapping them on and rushing through the process.

Taking 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes in the evening to tidy up a bit. A more organized space promotes relaxation.

Taking a daily walk outside. Sometimes, I can fit in a whole hour. Other days, I can spare 10 minutes. As long as I am getting some steps in and fresh air, I am happy!

Self care can look different for everyone. I challenge you to make a list tonight of things you can do or would like to do to better incorporate self care into your daily routine! :) xoxo

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