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No Guilt Self Care Activities

Sometimes, it can be hard not to feel guilty for taking time to simply rest. But recharging is so important for our mental health and necessary so that we can show up as our best selves. Here is list of small ways that you can give yourself the break or tender loving care you need without feeling guilty:

  • Skip cooking dinner and order delivery instead

  • Call an old friend and catch up

  • Delegate a task to someone else you can rely on

  • Hire a babysitter and enjoy a night out with your partner, friends or just solo!

  • Count a trip to the grocery store as your cardio workout occasionally

  • Cancel plans and take a nap

  • Sleep in an extra 30 minutes

  • Buy yourself fresh flowers next time you're at the store

  • Organize your books or clothes in rainbow order

  • Drink a glass of fancy champagne on a random weekday

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