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Spice Up Date Night

Saturday night dinner dates get super repetitive, especially after a few years. I usually have to take responsibility for spicing up date night, because unfortunately, most guys are pretty go with the flow when it comes to such things.

Here are a couple of our favorite date night outings so far...

1. Painting with a Twist. If you've never been, you MUST see if you have a location in your area. Bring your own wine/ beer and paint a masterpiece with the help of an instructor!

2. Play mini golf. This is one of my FAVORITE date nights. Its inexpensive, fun, flirty, and if you and your man are like us, it gets competitive.

3. Find a live band that's playing locally. Eat, drink, dance, and sing the night away with your honey!

4. Order a pizza and invite some friends over for game night at home. We love Cards Against Humanity and Pictionary!

5. Ride go carts, visit the shooting range, or play laser tag! Your man will love seeing this wild side of you!

6. Pick a recipe, shop for the ingredients, then cook and enjoy dinner together.

7. Visit your local nature center, zoo or aquarium if you have one near.

8. Attend a local sporting event. If you don't have a minor league team, grab dinner and cheer on your high school football or baseball team!

9. When the weather permits, go tubing or kayaking.

10. Have an at home ice cream bar with a movie. Make sure you have sprinkles, chocolate sauce, and whipped cream. Then use the leftovers however you see fit! :)

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