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Take 30 minutes every night to do these 4 things for a smoother tomorrow...

If you can carve out 20-30 minutes in the evenings to tackle these few tasks, your morning is sure to run smoother!

  1. Take a trash or grocery bag out to your car and clean out any garbage you can find. Be sure to grab a few things that can go back inside to keep car clutter to a minimum.

  2. Plan and set our your outfit for the next day.

  3. Quickly scan your refrigerator and freezer and at least get an idea of what you might want to make for dinner tomorrow.

  4. Clear off your kitchen counter tops and empty the sink.

Remember, it doesn't have to be perfect. Just take as much time as you can comfortably spare and knock out as much a you can! Set a timer on your phone! By doing this every evening or even 3x weekly, you will cut back and/or keep up on clutter. Less clutter = less stress. You will also remember what's in your fridge so when you when you swing by the grocery after work, you grab exactly what you need and can get in and out. You can even use apps like Instacart or Ship to have the items delivered to your house by the time you get home! Preparation = less stress.

Cheers to a lovely week! xoxo

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