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Take Yourself On A Date!

Spending time alone is so important and can really help you build your confidence and gain independence. Prioritizing time with yourself is crucial. The best way to learn to love yourself is to learn who you are and the best way to do that is to take time to get to know YOU.

Here are 15 solo date ideas to try out!

  1. Take yourself to a fancy restaurant! Treat yourself to a delicious meal and a fancy drink! Even if you don't drink alcohol, ask for your water, tea or soda with a side of fresh lemon or lime to dress it up! Take your time scanning the menu and enjoying your meal. If dining alone feels scary at first, bring a book along with you!

  2. Go to a local farmer's market or festival. I love getting lost in the farmer's market near my house. I bring a basket with me and stock up on fresh produce and plants!

  3. Sign up for a cooking, art or yoga class!

  4. Grab an iced coffee, roll down the windows and take a drive while screaming your favorite songs!

  5. Treat yourself to a spa day and get there early so you can indulge in few minutes of relaxation to clear your head before the day.

  6. Look up the nearest library and browse the books.

  7. Visit a locally owned coffee shop instead of Starbucks or dunkin donuts. Try a new drink and indulge in a yummy pastry!

  8. Have a Netflix and chill night complete with fuzzy socks, pajamas and popcorn!

  9. Book a tour in your city or spend the day exploring like its your first time!

  10. Visit a plant nursery or flower shop and create your own big, beautiful bouquet!

  11. Go on a hike or a long walk.

  12. Book a night at a resort or hotel. Order room service. Jump on the bed naked!

  13. Visit a museum and take yourself to lunch afterwards.

  14. Make a blanket fort in your living room!

  15. Visit an animal shelter and play with the animals!

Spending time alone and touching base with your sole is something we need to do often. I hope you enjoy these ideas!

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