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The "other things" you need to do to prep for a new year...

Okay, so you hear the same things at the end of every December and at the start of January... declutter, buy new workout clothes, take your vitamins, clean your house etc. While all of those things are great and will help kickstart the new year efficiently, there a few things that you may not have considered doing but will set you up for success in the new year as the grown ass, bad ass woman that you are...

Change your passwords: I change my passwords once every 6 months. I change them ALL. This will help secure your online accounts and also, let's be honest... if your password is still cheerleaderbabe420... it's time for a new one.

Tip for PW change: Choose an affirmation or short mantra that will inspire you every time you log in!

For Example

(please don't use these exact ideas, but get some inspo from them) moneyqueen55





goodenergyonly56 get the idea

Schedule Important Appointments:

NOW for January or February so you don't put it off and forget about it. Even if nothing particular is concerning you, better safe than sorry is always the motto when it comes to these appointments!

Appointments to schedule:

  • Annual Physical with your primary care doctor (blood pressure, vision, hearing, bloodwork etc.)

  • Wellness Exam (pap smear and breast exam) with your Obgyn

  • Dermatologist- make sure to note any new moles or spots

Review your Bank and Credit Card Statements

  • Make sure there isn't anything odd that sticks out to you

  • If you have any interest free credit cards that you're paying on, review your statement and confirm when your interest free period ends (you do NOT want to get behind on this and be hit with huge interest fees unexpectedly)

  • Review your spending (most credit card sites or apps like MINT will generally organize your spending for you into categories for easy viewing. Decide where you can afford to cut back ($976 at Starbucks in 12 months?! WTF!)

  • Check out your credit score. I KNOW... some of you are rolling your eyes and your mouse is heading up to the exit button... BUT WAIT. Hear me out girl... if you have no idea what your credit score is, you will have no idea what you're working with. And if you are pretending like you don't have a credit score, I will volunteer as the big baddie wolf to break the news. You have a credit score and it matters. Pull up your big girl boy shorts and look at it. Putting it off means you're further avoiding making a plan as to how you're going to improve it and that will catch up with you. You can get your credit score for about $20 at

  • Create a budget. When I make my monthly budget (I use the MINT app, EveryDollar app is great too) I start with the non negotiable bills; car payment, power, internet, groceries, gas, phone and rent, savings, credit card payment, auto insurance etc. Then, I add in other categories like eating out, gym, entertainment (Netflix, Hulu etc), self care (this includes things like shopping, hair, facials, massages etc.) You will quickly be able to see spending patterns and areas where you can and should cut back.

Feeling overwhelmed? It's okay. I get it. But take a breath and instead, get excited! You are upgrading your life and stepping into your badass-ness one click at a time. Take each of these categories one by one. I know it feels like a lot, but you can easily knock out all of these tasks in a single day or less.

I'm cheering for you and tackling these tasks right alongside you!

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