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These are a few of my buys that were expensive but worth it!

My Apple Watch. I use mine everyday to help keep me accountable for my steps, exercise and standing time. I love that you have the option to compete with fellow Apple Watch users too, I am super competitive so knowing I am competing gives me the extra push to get up and move! I have the Apple Watch 4 and it is water resistant so I can wear it in the pool while swimming laps and in the shower so all those hair washing efforts count toward my move goals!

My Dyson Animal Vacuum. This is an investment but I swear by this vacuum! I love that its cordless and small enough to fit in the corner of our kitchen our pantry. It does a great job on both carpet and hard floors.

My Uggs. I was actually late to the Ugg game but good lord do I love them! I have 4 pairs now and wear them constantly in the fall and winter season. They are ridiculously comfortable and cozy and look adorable dressed up or down.

Tory Burch Sandals. I have purchased many pairs of these over the years and never regret it! These sandals are so well made and stay in great condition for years! I got my first pair in 2017 and they still look almost brand new! They are comfortable for all day wear and look so chic with spring and summer outfits!

My MacBook. I have the Macbrook Pro and use it daily for work. Staring at the tiny screen on my phone for too long tends hurt not only my eyes, but my hands and fingers too after gripping it for too long. I also like that I can airdrop content straight from my iPhone or iPad to the MacBook and vice versa. MacBooks are thin enough to fit in most purses and carry on bags for the plane.

My AirPods. Love love love these! I use them everyday while cleaning, working and exercising. I ended up buying a second pair to always keep in my gym bag. They also come in handy while my man wants to watch youtube videos at max volume before bed haha. Being totally hands free makes running and cleaning much easier then headphones with the wire and there is no bulky head strap needed like other wireless headphones. They have a good battery life and connect by bluetooth so you can use them to chat on the phone handsfree as well.

My David Yurman ring. I get compliments on this ring every single day. I love that it's a single ring but looks stacked. It has stayed beautiful for the 6 years I've had it and its simple enough to be worn everyday.

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