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Want to get more steps in during the day?

Here are a few easy ways...

-Stand up when blowdrying or styling your hair/doing your makeup. You will naturally move around and this can help add a few extra steps to your count!

- Park farther away whenever you go somewhere! Bonus: if you're using a buggy (shopping cart) you'll get double the amount of steps if you bring it back to the front of the store after unloading!

-If you live in an apartment like I do, walk to your mailbox instead of driving. If you have a valet trash service like I do, do the garbage man a solid and walk it to the dumpster yourself.

- Set your phone alarm for 10 minutes and have a dance party

-While having your coffee or checking your phone in the morning, take a "house walk."

- The sun is out later now! Find a neighbor or friend, or grab the family and commit to an after dinner walk 2-3x a week!

- March in place while you brush your teeth

- Make the shower your personal dance floor

-If you bring your kids to the park, get involved and play with them!

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