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March Reading List

Here's what I have lined up to read this month!

Untamed by Glennon Doyle - I just started this and am flying through it. Glennon is so inspiring, relatable and hilarious at times. This book is a soulful memoir of her life where she works through breaking free from the cage society has held her in. "I AM A FUCKING CHEETAH" "WE CAN DO HARD THINGS"

The Paris Apartment by Lucy Foley- Another whodunnit novel that takes place in Paris. I have really enjoyed Lucy's other suspense novels and have been waiting for this one to come out!

John Wayne Gacy: Defending a Monster: The True Story of the Lawyer who Defended One of the Most Evil Serial Killers in History by Sam Amirante, the lawyer that defended Gacy during his murder trial of 33 young boys. Listen, I love true crime and I love a good biography.

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