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Marriage Advice from seasoned couples!

I asked and you answered! I asked for advice from women that have been married 10 years or longer and here were a few of your most common answers...

COMMUNICATION! Keep nothing bottled up and say exactly what's on your mind in the moment instead of letting it build up and create tension.

Talk about kids and finances BEFORE you say I do and make sure you're on the same page.

Get the word DIVORCE out of your vocabulary. Don't make it an option.

Make time for just the two of you.

Serve your spouse. It's not about each of you giving 50/50. It's about each of you giving 100%

Check in with each other and discuss your goals.

Switch things up in the bedroom! Dress up! Candles! Bath! keep it sexy!

CHOOSE each other. You have to make each other a priority. You also have to continue to do things that YOU enjoy with or without your spouse. Grow together!

Above anything else, put God first.

Following the Lord and making church a priority.

Kiss each other goodbye and goodnight.

Quality time > material things


Never stop learning about one another.

Laughter and honest is key!

Remember that everyone is human and makes mistakes. Don't give up. It takes work.

Don't expect your partner to read your mind.

Show affection.

Let the little things go!

Don't complain or talk bad about your spouse. Especially to your momma! (this one made me laugh! SO TRUE!)

Give each other grace, no one is perfect.

Remember that you're on the SAME team!

Check in with each other and ask if needs are being met/voices being heard.

Practice skin to skin time that isn't just during sex.

Have each other's backs.

PRAY for your marriage daily.

Always go on dates, even if that means just going to the grocery store together.

Pick your battles. You don't always have to win. Sometimes, your mean needs a win.

Marriages go through seasons, hang in there together.

Never blame each other. Work together instead to find the best solution.

You GUYS! There were SO many responses but I tried to go though and picked the ones that showed up the most even if they were worded differently. I am so thankful for you all for sharing your wisdom with us. I believe we can all take something away from this list, I know I will! <3

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